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The fleet ultimately managed to successfully destroy the cube, though, partially due to Captain Jean-Luc Picard having intimate tactical knowledge of the Borg.( The Battle of Sector 001 was preceded by the Battle of Wolf 359, which took place six years before.Several of the other ships, including the Defiant and Bozeman, assaulted the cube all the way to the Sol system.By the time the Enterprise arrived in Earth orbit, a large portion of the fleet had already been lost, including Hayes' flagship.However, Hayes believed that Picard's previous experience with the Borg, in particular his time as Locutus, would add an "unstable element to a critical situation." Despite Picard's protests to Starfleet Command, the Enterprise was ordered to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, while a Federation fleet mobilized in the Typhon sector to intercept the Borg cube before it reached Earth.Following his ascertainment that the Borg were returning, Picard recorded a log entry in which he reported, "The moment I have dreaded for nearly six years has finally arrived.

As the Enterprise was caught in the temporal wake of the vortex, its crew saw an assimilated Earth with a drone population of approximately nine billion.Though the crew strongly agreed with Picard's belief that they should join the Starfleet armada, the Enterprise adhered to Hayes' instructions, remaining separate from the group. The conflict was broadcast on Starfleet frequency 1486, and was monitored by the Enterprise-E.Tactical orders regarding placements in the defense perimeter were issued to the USS Endeavour, USS Defiant, and USS Bozeman, with Hayes' flagship advising the Endeavour to prepare to engage the cube whereas the latter two vessels were given instructions to reverse to a particular defensive position.Approaching at speeds exceeding warp nine, the cube broadcast its familiar litany: The fleet opened fire, but to minimal effect. The cube thereafter made a minute alteration in its course, all the while unrelentingly continuing towards Earth.Just after the Defiant was given an order to persist with its attack, the flagship requested reinforcements from Starfleet Command.

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