Cheek to cheek hug dating sites

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It seems like the social gesture is confined to "friends" based on the description from Wikipedia, and we had only known the group for several days, but I still consider them "friends," however I was unsure if that was the level of friendship that warrants cheek-kissing, or if it is usually performed among close, long-term friends. I can only offer that I have been to Europe, and I live very near Canada and have traveled there a lot.

I would be totally confused on how to handle greeting Canadian friends in Europe too as this is not what I experience when I visit Canada. I've never seen cheek kissing in any parts of Canada I have been and I have been there easily 50 or more times in travel (Quebec too), more if you count popping over for a night out.

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Their native language was French and their English was fluent but with clear French accents (I'm not sure if this is important or not, I just want to establish the level to which I believe they are versed in French culture).I realized I have a weakness in tactile communication. I'd love to learn how to communicate with tactile signals.Here are my most awkward tactile signals: This awkward little dance happens when your signs are crossed up.The five of us spent several days getting meals together and going out for fun until we parted ways.Upon saying goodbye, I hugged the two men (where I come from, this is common among males you have become close with, and I don't believe there was any discomfort among them), and was approaching the woman for a hug as well but was caught off guard when she performed cheek-kissing.

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