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On July 21, 1989, Tyson defended his title again, knocking out Carl "The Truth" Williams in one round.

Tyson's winning streak came to an end on February 11, 1990, however, when he lost his championship belt to boxer Buster Douglas in Tokyo, Japan.

Tyson also won his next match in December 1995, knocking out Buster Mathis Jr. After his personal and professional setbacks, Tyson seemed to be making a positive change in his life.

After several successful fights, Tyson came head-to-head with his next big challenger: Evander Holyfield.

On March 6, 1985, Tyson made his professional debut in Albany, New York, against Hector Mercedes. Tyson's strength, quick fists and his notable defensive abilities intimidated his opponents, who were often afraid to hit the fighter.Then in July of 1991, Tyson was accused of raping Desiree Washington, a Miss Black American contestant.On March 26, 1992, after nearly a year of trial proceedings, Tyson was found guilty on one count of rape and two counts of deviant sexual conduct.Because of Indiana state laws, Tyson was ordered to serve six years in prison, effective immediately.Tyson initially handled his stint in prison poorly, and was found guilty of threatening a guard while in prison, adding 15 days to his sentence. The boxer didn't request leave to attend the funeral.

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