Dirty female whatsapp users

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But then Black Berry owner Research In Motion, Kik founder Ted Livingston’s former place of employ, blocked the app from its app store and sued Kik for patent infringement.(The suit was finally settled just a few weeks ago.) Kik was forced to rethink its entire business. It has spent more than two years now building out its HTML5 platform, which is predicated on “cards,” which are actually apps.(Okay, so in that orgy of mixed metaphors we’ve got horses building moats while running from side to side. ) This app, while it faces very real challenges, has locked down key advantages in its technology and it is starting to deliver the kinds of numbers that, if they were emanating from Silicon Valley, would be the chatter of the venture capital community, if they could only shut up about Snapchat for five minutes. If you believe in good design and a young userbase, then Kik should be near the top of your list of chat apps to pay attention to.Having said that messaging is the killer app on mobile, it may sound like contradiction to say that messaging is also a commodity, but that, too, is true.If you search for the #Kik hashtag on Instagram, you can find more than 18 million posts.

And finally – crucially – if you believe in the mobile Web, then there is no other: Kik is the answer.

Snapchat: just under 5 million, many of which seem to be photos of body parts. Kik likely performs so well in this venue because it doesn’t require users to tie their accounts to a phone number.

You just choose a username, and then the app behaves kind of like email. Of course, a lot of this activity might be attributed to sexting.

It is two places ahead of Skype and three places ahead of Whats App.

In the Google Play charts, Kik takes its place just behind Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Skype, and just ahead of Twitter.

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