English speaking dating

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A language barrier won't keep you from taking an adventure in these 13 countries; included with each is the percent of people who speak English, per some probably-in-the-ballpark estimates.Take a trip anywhere on this list and you'll swear they've been practicing for your arrival.Outdoor bargain cafes/traveler hangouts serving 75-cent bottles of cold beer abound, all spinning tunes from their massive classic rock and blues inventories.If you make only one stop: Hit the Hobbit House, a Downtown Manila institution.Asking for directions might turn into 30 minutes of shooting the bull about attractions and Slovenian history, which might carry into drinks at the bar or even an invitation for a home-cooked meal.What Slovenia has to offer: The capital Ljubljana (which looks impossible to pronounce, but actually comes out rather naturally in a native English accent) is just a two-hour drive from Venice and about a four- to five-hour drive from Vienna, Budapest, and Split.Go on a guided tour, eat some schnitzel, go hiking, or hit up your favorite nightclubs, and you'll meet so many young, friendly Germans wanting to perfect their already impeccable English, you'll forget that you're in a country that invented such words as How many people speak English: 92% What it's like as an English speaker: American English isn't merely Filipinos' second language; it's how many of them communicate regardless of who's in the mix.

How many people speak English: 10% What it's like as an English speaker: English is widely spoken in this former British colony, especially in the cities and in the tourism industry.Tons of those folks are clustered in the usual roster of foreign lands -- the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Oregon.Elsewhere, you may have to work harder to be understood, but you can always find people ready to meet you on your linguistic turf when you're on their soil.It's traditional yet faddish, Asian in character but Western in disposition.Every neighborhood has multiple sing-along bars with non-canned music ranging from sitar/bongo duos to winner-types.

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