Error updating jscript intellisense jquery 1 4 1

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You’ll also need to update your Bundle to point to the new \Scripts\lib folder. The problem is, you’ll likely end up with lots of sequencing problems in the scripts and see “undefined” errors.This could work if you only have a small amount of Java Script in your app, but it’s not recommended.I blogged a while ago about a rather ugly and hacky way in which you could get the goodness of j Query (and general Java Script) Intelli Sense in the Razor editor in Visual Studio 2010’s IDE.

Bear in mind, though, that the more files you add in here, the more it may negatively impact the performance of the editor/IDE as it’ll have far more files that it has to load and parse in order to determine what Intelli Sense should be displayed.You could also create a Razor section in the _Layout.cshtml and call it “scripts”, then each view can list the scripts it needs to work in that Razor section.The default MVC4 _Layout.cshtml file already has this Razor section set up for you.The first is a giant concatenation of the two files and isn’t that interesting.The minified file looks like this: So the minified file gives the browser instructions on how to get to the map file, which gives the browser instructions on how to render in unminified, made-for-humans format.

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