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'I looked outside, next thing I know they just ran in and just start shooting.'We all there watching TV, they just ran in and started shooting everybody.'He adds, quietly: 'Why would somebody do this?

'Under pressure to answer more questions, he cracks: 'All I know is, motherf**kers just ran in and shot us... I'm telling you all I can f**king tell you.'The third call came from a guest to the baby shower who was sitting outside in her car when the assailants ran in.

The 'two guys' were acting 'sneaky,' she says; 'one had on a blue hoodie and one had a green hoodie.

They just ran in and started shooting.'The police still have no suspects in the 11pm shooting outside Cincinatti, which saw Willis hit in the leg and subsequently losing her baby.

The operator struggles to find out how many people have been injured at the scene and how they were hurt, but the woman complains: 'What does it matter?

People are dying.' The brutal mass shooting on Saturday that left Cheyanne Willis without her unborn child is not the first tragedy to strike the young woman.

The chaos that gripped an Ohio neighborhood after a mass shooting at a gender reveal party on Saturday has been revealed in three chilling 911 calls.

The recordings, released by Colerain Township police, capture the moments immediately following the attack by two people on a house full of celebrating locals.

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