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Kakashi and Gai get drunk and Kakashi is challenged to make Sakura his girlfriend.

popular people, basketball, gym class, labels, people who label others, most of my teachers, alarm clocks, baseball, stuck up people, judgemental people, perfectionists, & control freaks.

Little does he know, he is in for the most interesting year at school yet, becoming caught in this complicated web that this new girl weaves. What if, a girl named Haruno Sakura catches their eyes and their hearts? Ita Saku [sequel out]Sakura's the new girl at Konoha Middle School and befriends Ino, Tenten, and Hinata the minute she gets there! It could be from the work of some heavenly or hellish being, or by some strange wheel of fate that decides the events that will happen. Sakura feels a special connection with a certain Hyuga. And what is this important, urgent news that Naruto must tell Sakura? ON HIATUSNeji couldn't think of any possible way his day could get worse especially since he was waiting for Sakura to go on a date...although it was strnge to him at first now he's determined to win her heart but can he do it so easily?

Sasu Saku Neji Gaara R&R.[Sasu Saku] Being paired up in a race with an Uchiha was never easy…especially if he was an arrogant bastard, not to mention an overprotective boyfriend. OOC 17 year old Sakura Haruno, is new to the school, Konoha Leaf High.

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