Sara quin dating 2016

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Why is my sexuality so less interesting and mysterious and cool?Tegan: There's a huge chunk of our career where the response to our music was "It's a page out of their diary. It's so 'femotional.' " It annoyed us, so we tried to separate ourselves from that.We did a little more collaborating in the studio than we’ve ever done.

Does that relate back to what Tegan was saying regarding critics of your shift to pop music?Sara: I think new things either really excite people or they really stress them out.Once you know and like something, it’s hard to force yourself to change and accept whatever come with that change.Tegan: There’s a huge chunk of our career where we felt like the way people would write about us was, “It’s a page out of their diary, it’s chick music, it’s so femotional,” and it annoyed us.So I think we both took different paths to try and set ourselves apart from that and there was a moment when I was like, why is it so bad to talk about your emotions? Guys do it all the time, why does it ultimately make us “chick music”?

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