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Targets of sustained abuse sometimes avoid using their legal names for privacy reasons, but until now there’s been little guidance for how to square that practice with Facebook’s policy.In the worst cases, the old system could lead to inadvertent doxxing if a user sent in a driver’s license only to have their account automatically switched to their legal name.Most high-profile suspensions have been quickly lifted once brought to Facebook’s attention, but they raised larger concerns about how less press-savvy users might navigate the system.Facebook consulted with a number of gay rights groups while developing the new system, including Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD.First described in October, the new system is designed to filter out the majority of false reports up front, then devote more human attention to the complaints that do get through."We recognize that it’s also important that this policy works for everyone," the company wrote in a post, "especially for communities who are marginalized or face discrimination." To do that, the new system first requires more information when reporting someone for using false name, offering separate options for impostors, fictional characters, or simply unexpected names.

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Facebook has also built out a specialized support team devoted to helping users through the process, providing personal attention to what has historically been a more mechanical process.He also will pay certain sovereign nations what they were promised in the Reagan-Mitterrand protocols.This includes the French, Chinese, English and Russian Governments, where billions were promised.Working directly under President Reagan as a private citizen, there is a man named Ambassador Lee Wanta.Lee was mandated by President Reagan under the Totten Doctrine as a secret agent to be in charge of this effort.

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