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- The picture above is of an 'enter key gun' and was drawn by Solbi to be released at her latest art exhibition.

It leaves a lasting impression in that the enter key is represented as a gun, and the resulting bullet is just moments away from hitting a falling woman.

This is a really powerful editorial released by OSEN that's well worth the read.

The article is long so I'm skipping irrelevant parts.

One top star who's earned numerous CF deals for being a 'likable star' with the public is unable to put down his smartphone at any time because he's so afraid of one hateful reply turning into hundreds.

He will be the special guest star in “COBU 3D” The lead star of “COBU 3D,” Bo A also spread this news to the fans via her personal twitter account. Yunho” “Such a great guy,” and also uploaded two photographs taken with Yunho where they were seated closely.

Solbi explained that it was an artistic expression of how every action and word of a celebrity is constantly placed on the chopping board for scrutiny and hate.

Others might think that for someone in a career that earns easy money for being loved by the public, that it's being weak to pay any mind to the hateful replies they sometimes receive.

"This netizen leaves a comment on every article related to me saying that he hates me. I really want to just spend 10 minutes and talk with him and see if he still hates me then.

I want to know what he wants me to do for him to not hate me.

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