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Meanwhile, in support to tourism development, the AIP highlighted funding for the culture preservation and heritage development projects.Projects under this sector include upgrading of the tourism complex which will complement the influx of visitors on the income-generating Provincial Museum set to open this year.Aside from provision of support on planting materials and financial aid, the program also provide farmers and fisherfolk assistance in marketing, giving them the opportunity to evolve from subsistence farming to an enterprising level.“Achieving our success in agriculture would not be possible without the support of the national government through the Department of Agriculture and counterparts from the local government units,” said the governor, saying these counterparts have complemented much to the provincial government’s efforts in poverty alleviation.She further said that although struck by typhoon Pablo, opportunities have emerged as assistance in agriculture from the government and private sectors has also poured in.

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Aptly bannered with the theme “Ang paglambo sa pang-uma ug pangisda, maoy kusog sa probinsya” (Agriculture and fisheries are the strength of the province), Governor Malanyaon said that Davao Oriental has what it takes to take the lead in terms of agriculture in the region, considering it is blessed with vast resources that makes it a highly agricultural area.“Normalization starts when kids go back to school,” he said.“That’s why I am exceptionally happy that the MVP group decided to put up this school,” he added.“It is symbolic in the context that it is such a relief to see children go back to school again and learning again, while functional in the sense that it is the community center.She left the Capitol and decided to come down to ground zero and be at the center of the disaster,” he said. She also thanked the overwhelming support of the MVP Group, noting the generosity of its chairman— business tycoon Manuel V.“I had to make sure that the very dedicated and professionally-run MVP Group would be matched with a local government who is going to treat them just as professionally, just as structurally as organized as they would want to be,” said Sec. Pangilinan, who aside from the construction of schools, also embarks on its first large-scale resettlement project implemented across the three devastated towns of Davao Oriental.

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